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Common Conditions for Car Crashes

Posted on Feb 3, 2017 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Car accidents happen for various reasons and in various locations. Some locations, however, are more susceptible to auto accidents.

One of the most common places for accidents is a parking lot. The primary reason for parking lot accidents is speeding. Many drivers fail to abide by parking lot speed limits and end up causing an accident. Parking lot crashes occur frequently also because drivers tend to get confused about the right-of-way rules. Lastly, the addition of pedestrians complicates matters and often creates distractions for drivers.

Large metropolitan areas are not only notorious for heavy traffic, but car accidents as well. These population-dense areas are located directly in the cross-hairs of major highways and drivers tend to be reckless and negligent. Heavy traffic creates frustration, which leads to aggressive driving and accidents. Large cities such as New York and Los Angeles are also areas of heavy commuting. Many commuters use this time behind the wheel to multitask – often eating, reading the paper, or putting on makeup. These distracted drivers are more likely to cause an accident. Commuters are also often tired, whether driving early in the morning on the way to work or on the way home after a long day at the office.

Perhaps the most surprising area where car accidents often occur is close to home. A 2004 study revealed that about 52% of accidents occur within 5 miles from a person’s home. This is because drivers tend to feel a sense of relaxation as they approach their neighborhood. The relaxation comes the autopilot effect that people experience when driving in an area that they are very familiar with.

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