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Nursing Homes and Neglect

Posted on Nov 16, 2015 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Elderly people often require as much care and consideration as small kids but are considerably harder to control since they are frequently set in their own ways and determined to have it. In assisted living facilities, however, a good percentage of the occupiers are infirm, necessitating aid to move about, or bedfast. Some who are not physically unfit may be suffering from mental issues, making them equally incapable of looking after themselves. These are the individuals who are in most need of continuous health-related care, which is the reason why they may be positioned in nursing homes. Regrettably, they do not always get it.

According to the website of an Indianapolis personal injury attorney, abuse happens in approximately one-third of nursing homes in the US, and one form of abuse is nursing home neglect. It may be thanks to incompetence employees shortage or just negligence. Regardless of the cause, the nursing home staff commonly neglects to maintain residents clean, fed, and medicated regularly. Their health can be further compromised by such episodes because most aged inhabitants have been in weak physical condition.

An additional complication is bed sores, also called pressure ulcers, that are caused by the failure to regularly change the position of the occupier, although these all may also occur for the bedfast. Normally, a bed sore develops when the bone tissues continuously press on the soft tissue, restricting the blood circulation. Bed sores can result in more severe health issues and also a lot of pain, and eventually passing, if remaining untreated.

It is possible to record it to the proper authorities to start an investigation if you suspect nursing home negligence of a close friend or relative. In the meantime, you may also not be unable to get pain and suffering as well as repayment for the medical costs of your elderly relative.

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